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Rice Labo

Rice Labo - Genmai Granola in Protein 300g BB16OCT23

Rice Labo - Genmai Granola in Protein 300g BB16OCT23

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The GrowHub is the official sole distributor in Singapore for Rice Labo granola range.

200ml of low-fat milk with Protein Granola (60g per serving) gives you a total of 20g of protein

Breakfast habit with roasted brown rice and well balanced dietary fibre(oats)

The granola produced by us, the traditional rice company, has been made to incorporate the blessings of brown rice while retaining the goodness of the original granola.

Made with roasted brown rice and rice bran oil, and baked without the wheat flour normally used, but instead with roasted brown rice flour. The mixed soybean flour and soybeans, which is expected to be effective in beautifying skin and improving bowel movements, was designed to have a gentle sweet taste and be easy to eat.

Why we recommend?

  • 12.7g of vegetable protein per serving(60g)

  • With the abundant dietary fibre in oats, it's an easy breakfast for every day!

  • Made with brown rice flour (no wheat flour) and low GI along with oats

  • Starch syrup of reduced maltose provides sweetness with low calories.

  • No added flavors, colors, or preservatives

Ingredients: Oats (Australia or Finland), Starch Syrup of Reduced Malt Sugar, Rice Bran Oil (Japan), Black Soybean(Japan), Defatted Soybean, Soybean Flour, Brown Rice (Japan), Sticky Barley (Japan).

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